Core Values

Jesus Christ

The center and purpose of all our activities.

Spirit-led and Truthful Worship

Offering worship authentically without being bound by formality.

God’s Word (Bible)

The spiritual nourishment guiding our faith and transforming us to be more like Christ.

Love Relationships

Respecting and loving all individuals as created in the image of God.


Serving the local community and building a healthy church that supports one another.

All Nationalities

Welcoming people from all nations, building together the body of Christ.

Sabbath Rest

Essential for resting our spirits and bodies, providing recovery, and deepening our relationship with God.

Worship & Gathering Information

Sunday Worship: Every Sunday evening at 5 PM, at Mesa Church

Church Address: 9320 Success Ave, San Diego, CA

Bible Study and Fellowship: Please contact us if you wish to participate.

* Worship and study are welcoming to those who have never been to church, never read the Bible, or anyone interested.
* Our church is part of the Japanese Church Planting Network (JCPN), with a vision to establish Japanese churches nationwide.

Pastor’s Profile

Pastor Yuji Hayashi of San Diego Kibō Church

After 20 years in the banking industry, Pastor Hayashi encountered Jesus Christ through a mysterious guidance from God at the age of 40, receiving faith. Three years later, he retired from banking and embarked on the path to become a pastor. After serving as a pastor for 13 years at Eugene Japanese Baptist Church in Oregon, he was led to pioneer a new Japanese church in San Diego with his wife in August 2023.

In the midst of working as a corporate employee in Japan, Pastor Hayashi sought the purpose and vision of life, experiencing struggles and conflicts. However, encountering Jesus Christ dramatically changed Pastor Hayashi’s life, making it meaningful. The love and grace of Christ can transform anyone’s life into a journey filled with hope and joy. The Word of God (Bible) is alive and powerful, and Pastor Hayashi sincerely wish to share the beauty of walking with God’s Word with as many people as possible.